Trinity College London- A step towards specialization

trinity college london
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So before moving to the minor details of the things offered by this college, let us know what actually this institutional body is. Trinity college London is basically an examination board based in London. It offers graded and diploma qualifications(up to post graduate level) in performing arts(that includes music, dance etc.) and English language learning and teaching in over 70 countries worldwide.

Should musicians actually give these exams? Are they beneficial?

Most of you will have this doubt that whether these exams are worth it or not, whether they have any worldwide recognition or not, so let’s answer some of these doubts.

The first and the most important thing that it provides is the certification, these certificates are worldwide recognized and can help you further in your desired passion. In India many universities grants scholarships and reserve seats for students under the extracurricular activities(ECA) category. So these certificates help these students a lot.

Secondly, these exams give students to learn(practically as well as theoretically), give them exposure, and pressure to score well. Most of you will think that there should be no pressure while pursuing your desired thing but actually, this pressure is good as it will push the limits of the students to do better, score well, be creative, and get a rough idea of existing competition in that field. They also provide the feedback of the teacher along with the certificate that tells us where we are lacking and where we’re strong.

Certificate and feedback of my Grade 5 examination in lead guitar

trinity grade 5 certificate

Important links for Trinity exams in India

Trinity exams offered in India

  1. Music
  2. Rock & Pop
  3. Drama & Performance
  4. Communication Skills and Speech Communication Arts (SCA)
  5. English Language (GESE, ISE, Trinity Stars)
  6. TESOL teaching qualifications (CertTESOL, DipTESOL)

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