Top 10 midi keyboard 2021

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Nowadays music professionals and students who are into music production need several equipment from microphone to headphones and musical instruments from guitar to midi keyboard. Considering your needs and budget, whether you are a beginner or a professional, we’ve made a list of the best MIDI keyboards of 2021. The list includes wired and wireless MIDI keyboards that are stylish, and comfortable to use and will give you the best value for money. Choose the keyboard that best suits you.

Yamaha PSR F51 61-Keys Portable Keyboard

1. Yamaha PSR F51 61-Keys Portable Keyboard


  1. 3-year warranty
  2. Lightweight and comfortable
  3. Durable

This is the best entry level Yamaha MIDI keyboard under 10000 with a good amount of ratings that had to belong to this list. It is a wired MIDI keyboard with 61 Keys. It required only six 1.5v AA size batteries ( rechargeable and one-time use) to provide a good battery backup. Combining 120 voices and 114 styles, it is amazingly versatile for every type of musician. It is included with Power Adapter,  Notation Stand, User Manual & 3 Years Manufacturer warranty. It has a LED display and reverb and chorus effects with 30 preset songs. This is the best choice for beginners.


  • No sensitivity in the keys
  • Not suitable for learning

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 MK3

2. M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 MK3


  1. 1-year warranty
  2. Lightweight and comfortable
  3. Easy to use virtual instruments

The next keyboard that belongs to this list is the Mini 32 MK3 keyboard. It is a portable tiny midi keyboard and is the best keyboard for people under a budget especially for students and musicians that can’t afford High budget keyboards. It’s lightweight, simple, and portable. Keystation Mini 32 MKIII provides all the measure features to capture every subtlety of your performance. It is USB-powered and class-compliant and supports USB-MIDI connectivity, it also supports iOS devices Lightning USB.


  • Only 7 tiny buttons
  • No drum pads, knobs or faders

Nektar SE49 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard

3. Nektar SE49 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard


  1. 1-year warranty
  2. Footswitch (sustain) 1/4 in. jack input (pedal not included)
  3. Durable
  4. Support windows or linux

Netkar keyboards are highly affordable available at INR 7,990. The keyboard has a footswitch which is the latest technology in keyboards. It is lightweight and compact to carry anywhere. it’s USB is compatible with both computer and iPad. The outer shell is well finished which makes it premium by looks. Overall it’s a good deal if you want a low budget keyboard with good quality features. You can adjust octaves up or down by -3/+4 with multicolored LED indicators that clearly show your octave status. Some more features are that it can Transpose ±12 semitones and your work is stored even when you turn it off so that you can start from where you left. It’s the perfect deal for people under less budget.


  • Sometimes there’s latency with the software
  • Not functional

M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32

4. M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32


  1. 1-year warranty
  2. Production software included
  3. Easy Portable with it’s Drum Pads.

I’ve been using this keyboard for a month now and honestly, I’m satisfied with its performance and features while considering this price range. It looks premium due to its glossy design that looks like a premium keyboard, the Drum Pads, DAW Controls stand out from the other keyboards that are available in the market. The Velocity-sensitive trigger pads and 23 mini keys suit every playing style. The M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 is fully programmable and works exactly as you want with familiar DAWs like Avid’s Pro Tools. This can be the best option for you under a low budget.


  • Not compatible with USB 3.0
  • No MIDI connections. Only MIDI via USB.
  • Pitch bend and modulation with buttons, not with wheels.

Alesis V49

5. Alesis V49


  1. 1-year warranty
  2.  Keyboard Controller with Backlit Pads
  3. Easy to access full keyboards

This is another best MIDI keyboard at an affordable price, which is INR ₹ 10,499.00. This keyboard is available in a various number of keys and key styles such as 25-key,49-key,61-key, and the key size includes Full-size keys, VMINI style keys. Alesis provide different types of software such as pro tools, eleven lite, xpand2, DB-33, mini grand, Ableton live 9 lite.  Also, the backlight interface with your music software gives you seamless visual feedback. Aside from the 49 keys, there are eight programmable trigger pads, six buttons, four programmable knobs, and two rubber-coated jog wheels. For this affordable price, it is functional and versatile, and an awesome choice for anyone looking for their first MIDI keyboard controller.


  • Limited number of controls
  • The design and layout is simple

M-Audio Oxygen 61 IV

6. M-Audio Oxygen 61 IV


  1. 1-year warranty
  2. Includes Velocity-sensitivity keys
  3. Easy to manipulate virtual instruments
  4. Oxygen keyboard

This is another MIDI keyboard that belongs to this list. It’s well known as good amounts of features and number of keys, it’s stylish, durable, Affordable with one year warranty. It has M-AUDIO OXYGEN 61 USB PAD/KEYBOARD MIDI CONTROLLER to make this an amazing keyboard for music also it can be used in computers and IOS devices using USB ports. I saw many musicians using M-Audio Oxygen 61 IV. Like other companies, M-Audio also provides varieties of software for Music Production.


  • Heavy piano action keys
  • No color-lit pads and lack of buttons

M-Audio Hammer 88-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

7. M-Audio Hammer 88-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller


  1. Non-stop high expressive performances.
  2. Provide Expanded control options
  3. USB powered feature

It’s a most valuable product provided by M-Audio, it’s a High-value Premium product for Experienced professionals. It provides a seamless connection for playing virtual instruments, controlling recording software at one time. It helps to make high-quality music for big projects. INcludes soft pedals for nonstop music production with sustainable seamless performance. It’s Available only INR ₹ 48,999.00.


  • Not an option for people with low budget

Roland A-49 MIDI Keyboard Controller

8. Roland A-49 MIDI Keyboard Controller


  1. Comes with a 1-year warranty
  2. 49 full-size keys with velocity sensitivity
  3. Lightweight and comfortable
  4. Easy to use

Ronald is known for Affordable and compact keyboards for musicians, it’s Available only for INR ₹ 15,233.00. It has 49 full-size keys with a compact design for traveling anywhere meaning it is good for heavy travelers it is compatible with every type of musicians (fresher and experienced). The pads feel really nice, the lights are fancy and helpful. The scale model is fun! Overall, a very intuitive fun machine. All of these features add up to a keyboard that even the most discerning pros will appreciate. Overall it’s a great deal.


  • Small sized keys
  • Difficult to set up.

Novation Launchkey 49 [MK3] MIDI Keyboard Controller for Ableton Live

9. Novation Launchkey 49 [MK3] MIDI Keyboard Controller for Ableton Live


  1. 1.16 velocity-sensitive pads gives expressive performance.
  2. Free music software
  3. trigger chords using one finger

There are many brands and keyboards that are available in the Market but Novation is a Mid-range MIDI keyboard Available only for INR ₹ 21,065.00. The pads will feel really nice for long term work. The lights on the keyboard are fancy and helpful. The scale model is fun! Overall, a very intuitive fun machine for musicians. The only complaint is that the drum pads are a little smaller than Akai’s MPC pads but it’s not a huge issue. That aside, overall it’s a great keyboard.


  • Key action could be better

IK Multimedia iRig Keys MINI 25-key

10. IK Multimedia iRig Keys MINI 25-key


  1. Comes with a 1-year warranty
  2. 25 velocity-sensitive keys
  3. No batteries required powered by your device
  4. Includes free apps for iOS, Android, and Mac/PC

This keyboard is personally used by me when I need a full-sized key controller, so l chose this one because it is so easy to set up with my iPad. It has a decent build quality with a good software bundle. It is the best option for people who want compact 25- key controllers. As stated by the brand – Its size and lightness make it a concentrate of versatility, practicality, and functionality.


  • Takes a little learning.
  • No pitch and mod wheels

Frequently asked questions

Q.1 Is buying midi keyboard worth it?

Ans. Midi keyboards are used for music production but they are not mandatory, you can still come up with a great production even if you don’t have a midi keyboard. But according to me midi keyboards are totally worth it. It will help you convert your ideas into creative sounds and beats. Although there are many pre-recorded beats available in different software but it is not at all flexible and on the other hand you can just play a number of notes and get an idea of what your desired beat will sound like. The sound created by the keyboard will also give live effect and will make your piece of work more lively.

Q.2 How many keys should I have on my midi keyboard?

Ans. If your sole purpose of buying a midi controller is music production then a 25 key midi keyboard will just do fine for you as they are more than enough to create your desired beats and melodies. But if you want to buy a midi controller so that you can also play piano on it then you have to buy atleast 49 key midi controller.

Q.3 What is the difference between keyboard and midi controller?

Ans. Midi controllers are the keyboards that receives and sends out MIDI information. They don’t come up with an in-built sound system, you have to use it with an external source like computer or sequencer. It is especially for music production. On the other hand keyboard is an instrument that doesn’t need any additional equipment to sound. Keyboard are of two types- electronic keyboards that sounds with the help of electricity and acoustic keyboards that sounds without the help of anything.

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