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Choosing a guitar varies from person to person even if it’s under the same budget. This is due to the fact that different guitars have different tonal and build quality. Moreover, brand value can also affect a person’s decision. So we’ve provided a list of a number of electric guitars that can be the best choice for you under the budget of 20000 INR.

Although there is a countless number of electric guitars available in the market with the high build quality and amazing tonal quality accordingly, the budget has to be increased. So for now, let’s restrict to this budget considering the financial situation of aspiring musicians or for any other reason. Before we begin, let’s take some knowledge of the basics.

What is an electric guitar?

I know most of you know, what an electric guitar actually is but still let’s read the technical definition of an electric guitar. It is a type of guitar without the sound of its own and uses an amplifier or any external source to produce sound electronically. It converts the string vibrations into electrical signals for amplification. To know more about electric guitar and its parts in brief see our article.

Types of an electric guitar?

Yes, there are different types of electric guitar. They are mainly of two types-

  • Acoustic-electric guitar– First of all you all should know that this is not a guitar that can replace electric or acoustic guitar as the situation demands, this is just a guitar with a built-in pickup so that it can use an amplifier and solve our problem of the requirement of the microphone while performing in a larger environment. But the funny part is while using an amplifier it neither sounds like electric guitar nor like an acoustic one.
  • Non-acoustic electric guitar– We’ve discussed it earlier but still, it is a guitar with a built-in pickup and preamp and has EQ and volume controls. It cannot be played without an amplifier( yes the strings produce some sound without using an amp but it is almost negligible and can only be heard by you or the person sitting extremely close to you).

How to pick the best electric guitar :

Your budget 

Of course, the first thing to consider is the budget and this is the reason you all are here searching for this list. When picking up the best electric guitars or any instrument in general, you are going to pay a decent amount of money if the quality was the investment. If you want a beginner & a starter electric guitar to begin your musical journey then consider a reasonable price guitar. Or if the guitar is used by most famous artists then it should be worth enough to invest a bit high.

Guitar body

When it comes to guitar bodies, there are 3 different types this can be selected according to your own preferences-

  1. Solid-Body: The perks of this solid build includes the ability to be amplified with very high volumes without any feedback worries. And the shapes\designs are very responsive to the user
  2. Semi-Hollow: This will allow us to use the amplification. But they are not a lot lighter weight when compared with the solid bodies and most of the people tend to say they these are a more versatile type.
  3. Hollow: Yes they are a bit rare and unique and that why they stand out of the box. It will almost fit exactly your style. Hollow body electric guitars sound a lot such as acoustic guitars and also giving us a brighter sound but one disadvantage is that it is having trouble with the higher volumes.
  • Righty or lefty: You need to make sure that the model which you are going to pick will able to offer you either right or left compatibility. Most of the guitars should offer both.

Here we will discuss about some of the best non-acoustic electric guitars available in the market. So let’s move on to our list for which you’re actually here:

Ibanez GRX – 40 – BKN, 6 Strings Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRX – 40 – BKN review

Things to consider

  • Affordable Ibanez guitar
  • 1-year warranty

Ibanez launched the GRX series so that people could buy cool and decent quality electric guitars at a much affordable price. Some of the things that Ibanez GRX – 40 – BKN offers under this budget are 3 different pickups( neck pickup, the middle pickup, bridge pickup) for different tones, Rosewood fretboard with White dot inlay that helps in locating frets easily, Std. tremolo bridge, GRX Maple neck, and much more. Mostly metal pieces suit on Ibanez guitars although it may vary. Choose according to your needs.

Epiphone Les Paul Express Electric Guitar

Epiphone Les Paul Express Electric Guitar reveiw

Things to consider

  • Classic Les Paul style in a smaller package
  • Great for young players or beginners
  • 1-piece fully adjustable bridge/tailpiece combination

Because of its looks, sound, and feel of a full-size Les Paul, it captures almost all the younger players or the players under this budget. The body is made from mahogany, the neck is hard maple, which gives the guitar a more warm and brighter tone. Moreover, it is equipped with Epiphone 650R(neck) and 700T (bridge) ceramic humbucking pickups and a Full-size 22″ scale-length neck with rosewood fingerboard. You should definitely consider this premium looking low budget electric guitar.

Fender Roadhouse Stratocaster

Fender Roadhouse Stratocaster electric guitar review

Things to consider

  • No matter what the genre is, this guitar is exceptionally flexible overall
  • The mids and also the highs are loud and clear while the bass is tight and punchy
  • The so-called Fender tone

This guitar comes in five unique color editions where all are special in their own way, and you’ll feel that from the moment you’ll take your chosen model out of the box. Our pick is the Olympic white one, which looks very neat; however, don’t hesitate to settle on your favorite one.  The Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster consists of a maple neck and fingerboard. they’re attached to a contemporary C shaped body with a 12-inch radius. So you’ll be able to play arpeggios smoothly and licks without putting any noticeable effort.

Also, this unit houses a v6 switch with a preamp, so you’ll be able to enjoy the advantages of getting extra six tones. The guitar incorporates a synchronized tremolo with vintage-style bent steel saddles and three single-coil pickups because of which the guitar is extremely stable. In conclusion, the included hardware and the build quality do justify the guitar’s price and offer even more value.

Gibson Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul review

Things to consider

  • Comes in a very padded gig bag with a strap and polishing cloth
  • Modern mahogany body
  • Easy-to-reach slim taper maple neck, specially designed to adapt naturally to your hand.

Gibson Les Paul fated T is a 2017 model, which looks, feels, and performs premium because this guitar has everything needed that guarantees that you will have the most effective possible experience. The users were delighted with its rosewood fingerboard, a radius of 12 inches, and 22 frets. Since the fingerboard itself is thick, it’s very smooth while playing.

The Gibson Les Paul faded T comes with 490 R and T humbuckers that give a real Gibson tone. You’ll also be able to adjust the audio consistency with your taste by taking advantage of its controls, to be more precise, the controls comprise two-volume one on/off switch and two-tone knobs, which work flawlessly.  Moreover, the guitarists who have already purchased this unit claim that they are delighted with the tone because it’s incredibly defined, and it sounds intense. We suggest you, think about the Gibson Les Paul faded T seriously if you are looking for a high-end guitar. that may never disappoint you.


JUAREZ JRZ-ST01 electric guitar review

Things to consider

  • With a hell lot of things, you can not get any better at this price
  • Chrome diecast hardware
  • Rosewood fretboard with 18 frets

This is available at the lowest price at which an electric guitar could be purchased. Juarez is a new brand because of which, most of the guitarists don’t buy it, but it could be the best option for any beginner guitarist. The design is very innovative and the cutaway body gives the required comfort. If you only have the budget of INR 20000 and you cannot spend any other penny on an amplifier or any other accessory then, I strongly suggest you, get this one as it will save you a lot of money so that you can buy a quality amplifier.

Check out our list of amplifiers for guidance. Shockingly, it is included with Cable, bag, strap, and 2 hexagons. Moreover, it has 3 single-coil pickups with 1 volume knob and 2 tone knobs, and a 5-way PU selector. You should definitely give it a try if you have a super low budget.


YAMAHA PACIFICA PAC012 electric guitar

Things to consider

  • Very affordable considering loads of features it provides
  • Very versatile guitar
  • Chrome tuners included

No doubt, Yamaha is one of the most reliable companies for musical instruments. This Pacifica model offers 1 humbucker pickup and 2 single-coil pickups, maple neck, rosewood fretboard (22 frets), vintage-style tremolo bridge with 5-way pickup selector, One master volume knob and one master tone knob, and yes the chrome tuner. This is a very easy to use electric guitar, especially for beginners. The neck pickup has a thicker sound and provides clean power. The overall design is good and looks classy, the embedding of white dots in each fret helps beginners to locate the desired fret easily. A great option for Yamaha lovers!


Jackson JS SERIES MONARKH SC JS22 guitar

Things to consider

  • 12″-16″ compound radius design
  • 100% perfect intonation along with dynamic response and endless sustain
  • Affordable but looks premium

The next guitar is the jackson’s js series monarch sc s22, amaranth fingerboard. Talking about specifications, it includes 3 pickup positions Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups, Position 3. Neck Pickup, it features a nato body and a bolt-on maple speed neck with graphite reinforcement and scarfs joint. The clear tone is channeled by a three-way toggle switch along with single volume and tone controls for versatile sound. It uses 12″-16″ for easy chord playing near the nut, flattening out for playing smoking leads without fear of fretting out during bends. As per design perspective, the JS Series Monarkh SC JS22 will be a sterling addition to any guitar collection—both powerful and gorgeous.

Ibanez GRG170DX

Ibanez GRG170DX electric guitar

Things to consider

  • Very responsive tone knob, great for refining the sound, volume, and traditional 5-way switch
  • The bridge pickup tolerates the overdrive, as well as big distros, metal pretty well
  • Only for beginners, if you’re at an intermediate level or above then you should consider other options

Let’s see another guitar offered by Ibanez in this price range. The guitar is very easy to play and comes with 24 frets. The super-strat shape, Sharktooth inlays, and gloss black finish are very nice. The guitar’s sound is good but you’ve to tune it regularly because of its tremolo and yes the sustain is not that good as the notes end up dying after just 5 seconds. This sounds great for metal songs and pieces, I would recommend this only if you’re metal and Ibanez lover, there are more great options in this price range that are offering much more than this.

If your budget is more than this and want a high-end electric guitar with great playability then you should consider this guitar selected by us:

Yamaha Rev star rs-420

Yamaha Rev star rs-420 guitar

Things to consider

  • Includes Master Volume and Master Tone
  • 1 Year warranty available with certain sellers

 I’ve got to say that the Yamaha RS 420 will get your attention from the moment you are taking it off the box because it’s beautiful from top to bottom, or to be more precise, its body is made up of a reliable NATO with a maple top. The fretboard is formed of rosewood with a radius of 13.75 inches and incorporates a total number of twenty-two frets. The guitar is provided with two specially wound passive v h3 humbuckers and alnico v magnets on one side, there’s a 3-way selector, a master tone, and master volume so you’ll be able to tune the guitar as per your preferences and magnificence. Another good thing about this unit is that the dry switch tone control, which may dramatically reduce and filtrate the low frequencies to provide Humphry tones for your ultimate user experience.


Choose the best electric guitar according to your needs, whether you want to play metal, rock, funk, blues, etc. and certain guitars are available that are also included in this list that suits all or several genres. Select the guitar from this list according to the specifications, build quality of its body and different parts, and sound quality and then see its customer reviews, this way you’ll definitely get your dream electric guitar.

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