about me

Howdy, I’m Sarthak Arora, the founder of MusiciansUntold, blogger, musician, and yes a student. I started this site to interact with a larger amount of audience which I always wanted with the primary motive of providing, as well as gaining the knowledge of music and growing together. As an ardent admirer of music, we all know the more we explore the world of music, the less it is. So let’s build a community so that we can share our experiences and knowledge and get updated with music no matter what language, country, or genre it is in. 

Talking about my interests, I am more into lead guitar, did Grade 3 and 5 exams from Trinity College, and trying to explore more of it. Further, I’m diving into Indian classical singing and piano. With the passage of time, I’ll try to explore and learn as many things as I can. So leaving me aside, let’s talk a little about our site and our goals.

As we’ve discussed above, our goal is to build a community that can provide every piece of information that a musician or a beginner would need absolutely for free. And it’s only possible if the visitors or the audience interacts with us, asks questions, answer the questions and provide suggestions to improve our content. The website musiciansuntold.com is primarily built for the purpose of providing every information related to music that a person interested in music would need. From music theory to buying guides of musical instruments and accessories, each and every knowledge would be provided. To be a great musician and gain knowledge about the same, it would require time and consistency. Good luck for your great journey:-)